Video: Michele Bachmann challenged by “gay robot”

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On her campaign trail to win the Republican party’s nomination for the presidential race, Michele Bachmann received an unusual heckling.

In Iowa City yesterday, Bachmann, who has been no stranger to surprise challenges of her stance on gay rights this year, was called on to support equality by a “gay robot”.

Calling himself “roboprof”, the heckler approached the politician in a silver costume with a loudspeaker outside Hamburg Inn No. 2 restaurant.

He said: “I am a gay robot and I want you to support equal rights for gay communities and robot gay people”.

The heckler was reportedly booed and asked to leave the establishment.

One Youtube user commented on the footage this morning: “Doesn’t this prove gays are nuts?”

According to the Iowa City Patch, the “gay robot” said he had also heckled Bill Clinton on his visit to the University of Iowa four years ago.

After the 2007 incident, “roboprof” was revealed to be Kembrew McLeod, a communications professor at the University.

Michele Bachmann has been trailing in polls, which suggest Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney or Ron Paul are likely to succeed in winning the party’s nomination for next year’s presidential elections.