Christian Voice opposition ‘boosts North Wales Mardi Gras ticket sales’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Opposition from homophobic Christian Voice leader Stephen Green has reportedly boosted ticket sales for North Wales’ Mardi Gras this weekend.

Media attention regularly attracted by group leader Mr Green has led to five hundred ticket sales for the Saturday festival, organisers told Wales’ Daily Post.

The homophobic leader has said he “had to make a stand” ahead of the event at Canolfan Beaumaris this weekend.

Alan Jones, of North Wales Mardi Gras, told the paper: “The publicity that has been generated by Christian Voice and their extreme opposition to the event has helped ensure this will be a sell-out.

“People from further afield who may not have known about the event have heard through this.

“Also people have told us they are coming to make a stand against the extremists views that have been expressed. They have certainly not done us any harm, we are expecting more than 500 here.”

Mr Green had distributed a leaflet called “Say No to Beaumaris Mardi Gras” which criticised pride events and reportedly claimed gays can be “released from homosexual desires”.

Stephen Green himself said: “We had to make a stand, we had to stand for right.”

He added: “We will be at the event with the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will be talking to people and handing out leaflets.

“It will be peaceful on our part.”

Mr Green, was controversially interviewed by the BBC over his views on Elton John becoming a father despite having approved of the death penalty for gays and lesbians in Uganda.

Mr Green’s former wife told the Mail on Sunday last year that he had beaten her and her children, “brainwashed” them and forced them to live in a dilapidated caravan in remote Wales to protect them from the “evil” of urban life.

More recently, Mr Green suggested a Tesco Metro store in London, which was forced to close due to a mice infestation, had been the victim of divine retribution for its support for gay pride events.