UKIP candidate who claimed link between homosexuality and child abuse loses local election bid

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Dr Julia Gasper, a UKIP Oxford city council candidate who claimed gays account for 3 percent of the population and half of child abuse, has failed in her second bid to win public office.

Dr Gasper received 69 votes, four percent of the total cast in the Quarry and Risinghurst ward, coming last at the ward held by Labour with a 49 percent share. had contacted Dr Gasper in writing for the first time today saying we “would be interested in speaking to you about the election results in Oxfordshire and your reactions to them. Please do feel free still to get in touch at any time.”

Dr Gasper told the request was “in violation of the laws on internet harassment.

“The police cyber-crime unit are taking action against Pink News for death threats, hate speech and abuse of telecommunications media. that is why I am copying this and any other messages to the chief of Oxfordshire Police [sic] who has placed me under protection from your psychotic threats.”

‘Oxfordshire Police’, doesn’t actually exist. Policing in the region is managed by Thames Valley Police who were unable to confirm or deny that Dr Gasper was under police protection.

A former prospective parliamentary candidate for UKIP, Dr Julia Gasper, caused some sharp intakes of breath over the weekend when public suggestions she had made that gays ‘stop complaining about persecution’ and start expressing gratitude to straight people on whom they are reliant for being created surfaced.

Dr Gasper later suggested some readers of who complained about her public comments, which included suggestions of a disproportionate link between homosexuality and paedophilia and an implication that sexual orientation is a choice, be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

UKIP declined to take action over Dr Gasper when her blog posts were revealed, saying it did not support her views but did support her right to hold them.

The party was forced to drop Steve Moxon as its candidate in Dore and Totley, Sheffield, this week after revelations of blog posts he had made regarding Norwegian Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in July 2011.

Mr Moxon had written: “That pretty well everyone – myself not excluded – recoiled at his actions, does not belie the accuracy of Breivik’s research and analysis in his ‘manifesto’, which is in line with most scholarship in respect of both Political Correctness and Islam.

“It is clear that the mass of ordinary people are considered with utter contempt by the government-media-education uber-class across the Western world; this as the result of ‘cultural Marxism’. So we are, in effect, ‘at war’ within our societies over PC, as Breivik claims.”

UKIP said it noted “that Steve Moxon has not condoned the actions of the maniac Breivik. However, he has made a number of remarks on subjects such as the Breivik manifesto and Islam that are at odds with UKIP policy and perspective.”