Janet Jackson calls to ‘stop the hate’ towards transgender people in new documentary

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Janet Jackson is set to become the executive producer of a documentary covering the lives and struggles of transgender people around the world.

New York’s Brainchild Films announced yesterday that Jackson will take part in on-camera interviews in their new documentary, Truth, which begins production this summer.

“All people are very important to me,” said Jackson. “Truth is our small chance to ask that you try and understand someone who lives their life in a way that is a little bit different from yours, even though all of our hearts are the same. We want to stop the hate and find understanding.”

Director Robert Jason, whose previous documentaries have included a film detailing the lives of four transgender New Yorkers, has turned his attention to stories from around the globe in this new project, featuring people from Europe, North America, Australia and Latin America. He claims his new film will highlight landmark stories in the LGBT community and change the gender landscape of the world in the future.

“Just as it is hard to believe that there ever was a time when different components of society were required to use separate drinking fountains, it is as incredible that one’s gender expression remains just such a target for discrimination,” he said.

This film is another of Jackson’s projects that places her as a firm ally of the LGBT community. Her sixth studio album, The Velvet Rope, spoke out against homophobia in 1997, and she has since been recognised by the GLAAD Media Awards and human rights charities.