Google marks LGBT pride through a rainbow curtain underneath search-bars

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The search giant Google is marking LGBT pride this year by displaying its search results with a rainbow-patterned curtain underneath its search bars.

Last year, the US-based company modified its results page similarly, with a subtler, but noticeable display on the right hand corner of its search results.

Google has always prided itself of its commitment to equality and diversity, including a much-publicised campaign against California’s Proposition 8, and compensating its gay employees for the tax benefits denied them by the Defense of Marriage Act. In addition, the tech-giant had used the anti-bullying ‘It Gets Better’ campaign to launch advertisements for its Chrome browsers both in the US and the UK.

The news comes as the Obama administration in various forms is marking June as LGBT pride month, with Google’s rival, Apple, set to add same-sex couples to its Emoji icons in iOS6, set to be released this autumn.