Video: Matrix director Lana Wachowski speaks on film after transition

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Co-director of the Matrix films Lana Wachowski has appeared on film for what is believed to be the first time since transitioning.

As one half of the Wachowskis along with Andy Wachowski, formerly known as the Wachowski Brothers, Lana has been at the helm for films including the Matrix trilogy, V for Vendetta and Speed Racer.

Reports have referred to Lana, rather than Larry, Wachowski for at least two years, but this is believed to be the first time she has spoken publicly since the transition, in a clip promoting new film Cloud Atlas.

Wachowski was the first major Hollywood film director to transition.

The film, due to be released later this year, is based on a science fiction novel by British author David Mitchell and will star Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.