Support for marriage equality among African-Americans in Nevada has increased over a quarter

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According to a poll, support for marriage equality among African-American voters in Nevada has increased just over a quarter since President Obama said in May that he supports such unions.

As reported by, Public Policy Polling revealed that only 21 per cent of black voters in the state previously favored legalising marriage equality.

But the results of a poll released this week showed that 47 per cent of respondents now approve of such unions, while 42 per cent said they remain opposed.

The same pollster previously found similar increases among black voters in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling said to Ontop: “We’ve now found in both North Carolina and Pennsylvania that black voters have moved more toward support of gay marriage in the wake of Barack Obama’s announcement.

“The media’s been asking the wrong question – the big issue isn’t how Obama’s stance will affect his re-election hopes – it’s how Obama’s stance will move public opinion on gay marriage.”

Viewed overall, 47 per cent of Nevada voters think marriage equality should be legal to the 42 per cent who think it should not be.

Eighty per cent overall support either marriage (40 per cent) or civil unions (40 per cent) for LGBT couples.

Only 17 per cent say there should be no legal recognition of same-sex relationships.

Three weeks ago, a federal Nevada judge in Reno said that he would listen to the arguments of a national gay rights advocacy group who wished to challenge the state’s ban on marriage equality. The hearing is set for 26 November.