Video: US football star records Catholic video against same-sex marriage

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The Baltimore Ravens’ Matt Birk is reiterating his opposition to equal marriage rights for same-sex couples in a new video for the Minnesota Catholic Conference.

“Supporting the basic rights of children and the authentic rights of people with same-sex attraction are not mutually exclusive, and we must resist the forces that are telling us otherwise,” Birk said in the video.

Over the weekend, the 36-year-old American footballer, who is from Minnesota, wrote in a local newspaper that marriage needs “protection” so it can remain as being between one woman and one man.

Birk’s latest remarks have drawn a quick response from Minnesota Vikings player Chris Kluwe, who is supporting Minnesotans for Equality, an LGBT advocacy group that is urging voters to reject the state’s ballot initiative that could make it even harder to introduce equal marriage by banning it in Minnesota’s constitution.

The Huffington Post reports Kluwe as saying to Birk: “If you want us to understand why same-sex marriage is bad for kids, you need to provide some sort of substantial evidence”.