Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw says he enjoys using Grindr for pranks

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Nick Grimshaw, Radio 1’s new breakfast show presenter, apparently is a fan of Grindr, and is said to have used the gay dating app with his best friend during filming for his TV shows.

According to Metro, the 28-year-old DJ, who also presents programmes on Channel 4, talked about his online antics at this week’s Attitude Awards ceremony in central London after winning a prize, Grimshaw said:

“Whenever we’re on shoots and stuff, me and my best friend turn [Grindr] on using random pictures and start message people in the room.

“We message them weird shit like ‘Nice squirrels’.

“It’s hilarious watching their confused faces from the other side of the room.”

During Tuesday’s Attitude event Grimshaw also helped one of his female friends set up a profile on the lesbian dating app Brenda.

Grimshaw took over the BBC Radio 1 breakfast slot from Chris Moyles last month.