Video: UK same-sex parenting campaign film launched

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A new film, highlighting the discrimination faced by same-sex parents, has been launched to coincide with the UK’s National Adoption Week.

Although gay couples in the UK can legally adopt children, the measure remains banned throughout much of Europe, and same-sex couples with children often face problems when it comes to legal entitlements.

Andre Banks, executive director of AllOut, a global LGBT campaign group, said: “EU member states pride themselves on integration, but their governments still fail to resolve the legal hurdles keeping same-sex families from full recognition across borders.”

The film is a joint project from AllOut and producer Mike Buonaiuto, whose equal marriage film Homecoming became a huge online success.

It is also being supported by Labour MEP Michael Cashman who said: “Gay and lesbian parents can often find themselves legally invisible in a large percentage of the continent, putting their entire family in a very vulnerable situation especially with regard to healthcare, holidays or family legal systems”.

Mr Casham added “The #InvisibleParents film argues that all children should be treated with legal equality regardless of the sexual orientation of their parents. It is a brilliant way to allow people to connect with these very real issues and then do something about it.”

Organisers are encouraging people to share the film on social networking platforms and to use the Twitter hashtag #InvisibleParents.