NUS launches “I saw daddy kissing Santa Claus” equal marriage campaign

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The National Union of Students today launched a campaign aiming to push the Prime Minister to move forward legislation which could legalise equal marriage in Britain.

The campaign, which aims to tackle the ongoing issue of equal marriage in a fun and festive way, encourages members of the public to come out in support of equal marriage, and to download and send the equal marriage card to David Cameron, to urge him to do the same.

One of the officers involved in organising the campaign, Finn McGoldrick, NUS LGBT Officer, released a statement alongside the launch of the campaign. She said:

“We are excited to see students getting involved and telling the government we are tired of waiting for equal marriage. It’s important because separate is never equal and lgbt students know they have a right to equality.

“It’s a different campaign because it’s grassroots, it’s the community coming together to demand equal marriage now. No more stalling Mr Cameron, all we want for Christmas is a vote on equal marriage!”

In order to achieve “equal Marriage and Civil Partnerships for all,” the site recommends that students refer to sites such as Out4Marriage, write to MPs, and sign the petition at the Coalition for Equal Marriage’s website.

Sky Yarlett, LGBT Officer, also made a statement, saying:

“I think that this campaign will put a positive light back onto the issue of equal marriage and reinvigorate the campaign. We’re incredibly proud of the students who have been campaigning within their institutions and will be involved in this.”

The card which reads “I saw daddy kissing Santa Clause” can be posted directly to the Prime Minister, or supporters have the option to send it online, and have the NUS deliver it prior to Christmas is also available.

Last week, David Cameron announced that he intends to fast-track legislation to introduce equal marriage within weeks.

This announcement did not come without criticism  however, as the MP for South Dorset swiftly wrote an open letter voicing his strong opposition to equal marriage and saying that marriage should only be between one man and one woman.