Simon Callow: I’m @Out4Marriage because I pay taxes and I’d like the same privildges as everyone else

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In his video for the Out4Marriage campaign, the actor Simon Callow says that as a tax payer, he must have the same rights and privileges as anyone else to marry.

Mr Callow said: “I’m an actor director and a writer, and I’m in favour of gay marriage, because I’m a gay man who would like to get married. I have a partner with whom I live very, very happily with, and we would like to have exactly the same privilege as everyone else in society who pays their taxes and are contributing members of society. So I would like to enshrine my relationship in the full glory of the institution of marriage.

He ended by saying: “I’m Out4Marriage, are you?”

Yesterday, in an interview with the Daily Politics, Callow described the government’s decision to ban the Church of England from conducting same-sex marriages as “a bit bewildering” and a “sort of medieval idea”.

The decision has already been criticised by equality campaigners along with the Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan.

Callow said: “to marry somebody in a church would be a criminal act is an astonishing sort of medieval idea. I’m bewildered by it frankly”.

When asked in the interview whether he was under the impression before the statement in the Commons on Tuesday, that the government plans would allow marriage in the Church of England, he said it was “carefully unclear” and that “it is one little more symbol of yes but not absolute equality”.

He told presenter Jo Coburn that “I don’t have the ambition to be married in a church, but it seems to me, that there must be many Church of England ministers, infact I know some of them, who are strongly in favour of gay marriage”.