Anti-gay Tory MP calls Embarrassing Bodies ‘crap chav TV’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Conservative MP Stewart Jackson, who recently described equal marriage as a “constitutional outrage” also has a low opinion of Channel 4’s medical programme Embarrassing Bodies and its host Dr Christian Jessen.

The Peterborough MP accused Dr Jessen of making “crap chav TV” after the presenter criticised another Tory MP for his homophobic comments.

The row began on Sunday with Dr Jessen alerting his 167,545 Twitter followers to an article in which Tory MP David Davies described legalising equal marriage as “barking mad”.

Throughout this month, the Welsh Conservative MP appears to have been on a mission to say the most controversial remarks about equal marriage possible.

Dr Jessen tweeted: “Consider that this man is an MP who makes decisions affecting yr life. Worrying.”

Mr Jackson, responded: “Yes maybe he shouldn’t be representing his constituents as he sees fit but making crap chav TV like you.”

Earlier this month, Mr Jackson tweeted: “Gay marriage bill will be massacred in the Lords and govt can’t use Parliament Act as it wasn’t in manifesto. Arrogant Cameron knows best.”