Dr Christian Jessen reveals torment of online bullying and false sex claims

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Doctor Christian Jessen, the gay presenter of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies series, has spoken of his anger at Twitter trolls who are trying to damage his reputation.

In an interview to the Sun, Jessen said: “I’ve been plagued by these problems for two years now. I don’t know whether it’s one person who I’ve offended or others who are out to get me.”

The presenter, who has a long-term partner, was first falsely accused of selling drugs.

He said: “My bosses at Channel 4 quickly realised it was fake but I was really destroyed.”

Determined to challenge false claims that he enjoys unprotected sex, the doctor added:

“I’m proud of my work getting the message across about safe sex. I don’t want that undone.”

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Jessen has been a key supporter of the work of the Terrence Higgins Trust, the UK’s largest HIV and sexual health charity.

Shortly before Christmas, anti-equal marriage Conservative MP Stewart Jackson mocked Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, describing it as “chav TV”.

The row began when Jessen alerted his Twitter followers to an article in which Tory MP David Davies described legalising equal marriage as “barking mad”.

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