Mary J Blige: God says not to judge, so I don’t judge gay people

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Singer Mary J Blige has addressed comments from critics asking how she can consider herself a born again Christian, and still support marriage equality.

The singer, 41, opened up in an interview with LA Confidential magazine, during which she discussed her support for the gay community, and said she didn’t think being a born again Christian clashed with that.

When asked if she considered herself a born again Christian, Ms Blige simply answered “yes”.

Then the interviewere asked: “Yet you’ve come out in favor of same-sex marriage. A lot of people would say that is not compatible with your born-again Christianity.”

To which the No More Drama singer replied: “I would say this to those people: I’m not God,” she continued:

“God said not to judge anyone lest you be judged. That’s it. Who am I to point my finger? You’ve got to walk in love. To say you do not want people to be happy is so mean, so not me.”

She went on to talk about her past drug addiction, and how that affected her religion. She said:

“God loves me no matter what. He loves me high. Sober. Gay. Straight. I can’t let the world tell me anything different. That’s how I survived, knowing He loved me no matter what. Because if I don’t believe that God loves me when I do wrong, I’m dead.”

The singer who has sold over 50 million albums over two decades, previously discussed her support for marriage equality at the Democratic National Convention 2012.

She told civil rights attorney and radio host Yetta Kurland, “I think people that support love, it’s amazing. It’s love,” reports the Huffington Post. 

In 2007, she also addressed the fact that she had a large gay fan base, and said that she thought it was important for her to support her gay fans:

“The majority of my fans are gay … I have to really make sure that they know I’m paying attention to the fact that they support me, and I support them.”