Trans woman accuses Post Office of discrimination for refusing to open a savings account

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A trans woman from Lancaster has accused the Post Office of discrimination, after she was denied a savings account because her drivers license still contained her former name.

The Post Office banking customer, only identified as Fiona, said she was not able to open an Instant Saver scheme, despite already holding a current account with them, because they would not accept her proofs of identity, reports the Lancaster Guardian. 

Fiona deposited £590.90 at a branch, hoping to open the account, before undertaking gender-reassignment surgery.

The retired writer then received a letter saying the money was paid into a holding account, and that she needed to provide two official documents.

She then took her Wyre Council tax coding notice, NHS medical card, Gender Recognition Certificate and Lancashire County Council bus pass into the Post Office in Lancaster, but she was asked to provide a drivers license or passport.

She said her drivers license only contained her former name, and that she didn’t hold a passport: “The whole idea is I’m living a new life where my male persona is over and done with.

“I’m no longer Stewart and I can’t provide old details. I haven’t got a driving licence and my passport is in my old name with my old picture. The law on sex change is that we’re supposed to be accepted. I said ‘you’re discriminating against me’.”

She added: “They told me to ring a number, and on the phone I had to say I was a transsexual… The moment I say it my whole confidence and belief in being Fiona disappears.”

She said she had been unable to reclaim the deposit originally made, and raised concerns that £100 of it, in a cheque, could be lost.The Post Office apologised for “any concerns the customer may have regarding the opening of this savings account”.

However, a spokesman said: “The Post Office must comply with anti-money laundering regulations which specify that customers’ must provide proof of ID such as a valid passport or photo card driving licence when opening a savings account.”

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