Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore apologises for ‘Brazilian transsexual’ remark

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore has returned to Twitter and apologised for some of her controversial comments about the trans community.

Trans Media Watch responded by saying it “welcomed the apology” and described it as a “positive step forward” on its Twitter feed.

Last week, Moore was severely criticised for suggesting women were expected to look like “Brazilian transsexuals” in an article published first in the New Statesman and then in the Guardian.

Many considered the term to be offensive – not least because Brazil has an appalling record on transphobic hate crime.

Moore then proceeded to use several transphobic slurs in Twitter conversations and then appeared to close her account on the microblogging site on Friday.

On Monday afternoon, Moore reactivated her account. Linking to her original new Statesman article and her piece in the Guardian, she tweeted:

“The Red essay had ben round for months and not a single complaint on my use of ‘Brazilian transsexual’ as one of many idealised body shapes.

“I did not set out to offend and the murder of all women trans or not is clearly something I DO care about. I think readers know this?

“I am grateful for the support of I have had from many top notch people gay straight trans who cares?

“As I said I less concerned with peoples genital arrangements than the breakdown of the social contract. Which hurts.

“If anyone cares to storify the abuse against me please do . I cant It was threatening, ignorant and nasty and my original points got lost.

“Despite all this there has been much bridge building between me and several trans people who I deeply respect.

“But I realise that my flip jokes, silliness and general way i behave on twitter is no longer possible.

“So I do what most pro journalists do and simply self promote and never anything real or ‘controversial’?

“I am sorry to those that I misrepresented and I feel pretty misrepresent myself ( an EDL supporter??)

“I having some meetings for trans folk which will I hope and feel will be amicable. @parislees letter was lovely

“To think I am opposite side of anyone who has had to think long and hard about gender is horrible. I am not your enemy.

“But I am not ladylike when attacked and fight with fire. Thats me. Otherwise I post music and have a laugh.

“But for now I see must leave for a while. Really bad things are happening in the world and this is a storm in a double D cup.

“Again I am grateful for the kindness of strangers . Solidarity. And Sly Stone for ever Bye Suzanne x”

Meanwhile, Guardian columnist Julie Burchill is facing calls to be sacked for writing a highly transphobic article in defence of her friend Suzanne Moore in Sunday’s Observer newspaper.

In response to the controversy, a protest is due to take place outside the joint-offices of the Guardian and Observer in King’s Cross, London, on Thursday at 1pm.

Scottish Transgender Alliance (STA) has warned of “rising transphobia in the British media”