Daniel Radcliffe: An MTV award for my ‘passionate’ gay kiss would be ‘wonderful’

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Daniel Radcliffe has said that he would like to win an MTV award for Best Kiss, for a gay kiss he shares with a co-star in the upcoming film, Kill Your Darlings.

In the film, he plays the late poet, Allen Ginsberg, who meets writers William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac at college, following a murder.

He said that the gay kiss with co-star Dane DeHaan was ”sincere, passionate and romantic”, and that he would like to win an MTV award for it. 

”You know, I think that will be wonderful! Dane and I are banging the drum already because we want the MTV Best Kiss award. We want that golden popcorn! To my knowledge, a sincere, passionate, romantic gay kiss has never won, so I think that would be a very cool thing for this movie to receive.”

Speaking about notes he receved from the film’s director, John Krokidas, the Harry Potter actor said he was encouraged to be less hesitant, reports ContactMusic. 

He said: “My favorite John Krokidas direction moment was when we started kissing. I guess I was way too hesitant about it in the moment, and John just went, ‘No! Kiss him! F***ing sex kissing!’ That was my favourite note that I’ve gotten, probably in my career.

”Especially with the world that I’ve come from! The things that directors have shouted to me in the past usually involve which way I have to look to see the dragon.”

He previously spoke about filming gay sex scenes for his new film, and said that it was “something new” but that he didn’t “worry about it”.

Talking about the new film which premiered at the Sundance film festival last weekend, the Woman in Black star said filming the scenes was “fast-paced”, and he didn’t have time to have doubts about it.