Derren Brown: I’m @Out4Marriage so no one is forced to pick ‘Choice B’

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TV Illusionist Derren Brown has joined the ranks of politicians and celebrities who have declared their support for marriage for same-sex couples.

Mr Brown recorded a video for Out4Marriage in which he said:

I suppose in the relationship you have it probably doesn’t really make much of a difference to an individual person as to what you call it, and I think that civil partnership is a really wonderful thing in and of itself. So in that sense I think you make of your life what it is you want.

But I also think that, despite that if you are married or in a civil partnership it may not make that much difference to an individual, it does matter, that little thing that it’s a bit of a B choice, that you only had choice B open to you and that choice A is somehow for other people. That does seem wrong. And as things move forward, I think it’s important that everybody feels that they have the same options as everybody else. And it is just an option, I think nothing is being forced on anybody. No one has to do anything but to feel that the playing field is just kind of even is tremendously important. I think as things go forward it is vital to keep that kind of stuff in mind.

So that’s why I’m Out4Marriage, are you?

Out4Marriage founder Ben Cohen said, “Derren Brown is noted for his powers of persuasion. I hope that any MPs who watch his video will be persuaded to vote for freedom today — freedom for two people who love each other to marry and the freedom for those who don’t wish to conduct same-sex marriages to opt out.”

Mr Brown has previously been named one of the top LGBT figures on Twitter.