Bryan Fischer talks on fifteen-year campaign to stop ‘militant homosexuals’ from ‘destroying America’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer, has talked up a fifteen-year campaign to protect America from being “destroyed” by “militant homosexuals”.

Joined on the American Family Association by co-host, Alex McFarland, Bryan Fischer introduced what they have called, Project 2026, which is a fifteen year “program” aiming to stop groups from “sexularizing” America, reports Right Wing Watch.

After being introduced by Bryan Fischer, McFarland went on to suggest that America was nearing God’s judgement. He said: “There is a remnant, there is hope, there are still some people who know how to pray and call on Heaven but we are right now ripe for either a manifestation of God’s judgment or God’s mercy.”

He said Project 2026 was “a fifteen year program and we are beginning to get a lot of momentum”.

McFarland went on to say: “The four groups that are actively working to secularize and destroy America: humanists; atheists; militant homosexuals; and Muslims. All four of these groups got major momentum beginning in the ’60s and ’70s but they dug in their heels and they said: ‘we’re going to work forty years and we’re going to mainstream atheism; we’re going to mainstream militant homosexuality; dare we say it we’re going to see gay marriage legitimized.’

He questioned: “Why can’t God’s people dig in their heels and say: ‘we’re in it for the duration and America will not die on our watch.’”

Fischer then said there was a need to “rebuild” the “moral and spiritual capital America”, otherwise it would be “finished.”

McFarland reflected on what he said there were four categories of churches, ranging from “healthy” churches, to those “rejecting basic biblical doctrines”, blaming Satan for “enlisting” them.

He said: “Exactly. You know what’s so sad is in the church, you’ve got the church existing in four states: healthy churches; alive but anemic churches; backslidden churches; and some that are apostate, they are rejecting basic biblical doctrines. The church, it ranges from healthy to apostate, but what about the world? You’ve got your garden variety lost people who need Jesus but then you’ve got those who I believe are deluded by Satan and you’ve got some that are enlisted for Satan.”

Fischer previously blamed a gay “lobby” for “destroying” the US military, and has said that peoples’ daughters will be drafted into the army “to die” because of gay people. 

Fischer also recently said the Boy Scouts of America’s announcement that it might lift its ban on gay scouts could open its doors to paedophiles.

Bryan Fischer previously came to the defence of an anti-gay evangelist who is being sued for supporting a Ugandan bill to intensify punishments for homosexuality, and claimed that “the left” is trying to “destroy” him.