US: NFL footballer Tim Tebow now to speak at anti-gay Christian university

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NFL footballer Tim Tebow, who pulled out of speaking at a controversially anti-gay Dallas megachurch last week, is set to give a speech at a private university, spokespeople for which have expressed anti-gay views.

Last week, the New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow cancelled a speech he was due to make at a controversial anti-gay church in Dallas, because of “new information,” he received.

Last Monday, it was announced that the American football player had been invited to speak at the First Baptist Church, the pastor of which has denounced homosexuality.

New reports suggest that Tebow is now to address the private, Christian, Liberty University, at a conference geared towards men’s issues, and in a speech which is closed to the public, reports Right Wing Watch.

Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, was founded by the late televangelist Jerry Falwell, and whose son now runs it. He has reportedly blamed gay people for the September 11 attacks, and attacked Teletubbies for “modelling the gay life style.”

Gay students are banned from the university, and it recently shut down its College Democrats chapter over the party’s views on gay rights. It has hosted several anti-gay conferences in the past.

University deans Matt Barber, and Matt Staver, also the Vice president of the university, discussed the decision of the Boy Scouts of America to delay its vote on whether to allow gay members, volunteers and staff, saying that it could not remain “morally straight” if it allowed gay members, volunteers and staff.

Staver has previously defended the criminalization of homosexuality in Malawi, promoted “gay cure” therapy, and warned that President Obama supports “forced homosexuality.”

Barber also previously said that the reason that the Boy Scouts of America may make moves towards dropping its ban on gay scouts, volunteers and staff is “spiritual pressure” from Satan.

Another professor, Rena Lindevaldsen, has also claimed that Satan makes people gay and is behind the LGBT rights movement.

Critics have now called for Tebow to reconsider speaking at this event.