Friends of James Middleton say he’s not gay and doesn’t mind the rumours

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Friends close to James Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger brother, have dismissed rumours about his sexuality but also say he’s not “bothered” by them.

The 2011 marriage of his sister, Kate Middleton, to Prince William pushed the professional cake maker into the media spotlight and queries on search engine Google about his sexuality peaked during the Royal Wedding.

But friends of the 25-year-old have moved to quash speculation that he’s gay.

“Believe me,” a friend of James Middleton told the MailOnline: “anyone who has known James for any length of time would know that’s nonsense. He’s just a heterosexual 25-year-old who is in no rush to couple up and seems happy with the single life.”

Another friend added: “If you’ve ever heard James talk privately about girls, you’d know he’s not gay. But he’s not that bothered by the rumours, either. He’s quite ‘meterosexual’ so, in a way, he takes it as a compliment.”

James Middleton’s only known long term relationship was with Australian Amy Bradshaw, who he split from in 2010, but since his eldest sister married Prince William he has reportedly tried to keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

In 2009, naked photos of James Middleton partying with friends were published on the internet.

In one photo he appeared to be displaying his bottom wearing a pair of wellington boots in the countryside.

Earlier this month, it was revealed his cake-kit company Nice Group London was £16,858 in debt.