UK Black Pride announces partnership with Pride in London

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

UK Black Pride has announced that it will feature in the capital’s main gay festival for the first time on Saturday 29 June.

It will hold its event on the same day in Soho’s Golden Square.

The partnership sees London LGBT+ Community Pride give practical support to UK Black Pride.

It also marks a “coming home” for UK Black Pride which has not participated in recent London Pride activities because of concerns about the structural exclusion of the capital’s diverse LGBT communities.

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, UK Black Pride’s founder and executive director, said: “We’re excited to bring UK Black Pride home to the heart of the LGBT community as part of Pride in London. We’re determined to reach new sections of the community, without losing our identity as a national group that works for the capital’s Black LGBT people.

She added: “We’ll bring our own brand of entertainment and education to promote love without borders and ensure this year’s London Pride is one the entire community can feel part of. UK Black Pride’s summer of love line up will include exciting activities and entertainment so make sure you come out to support the community’s Pride in London in 2013.”

Michael Salter, chair of London LGBT+ Community Pride, said: “As the new organisers of Pride in London we are delighted that UK Black Pride will be part of Pride in London in 2013. There could be no better demonstration of our commitment to ensuring that Pride in this great, diverse city is inclusive and welcoming of the entire LGBT+ community.”

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