Rapper Daddy Yankee denies that he is gay after circulation of fake gay kiss photo

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Rapper Daddy Yankee has dismissed rumours that he is gay, blaming them on social media, as a photograph which sites claimed was of him kissing another man circulated earlier this week.

The 36-year-old reggaeton and hip hop songwriter’s rep dismissed the rumours on Thursday, saying that social media sites were to blame for the rumours, including the publication of a false statement in which he said he was gay.

“Online blogs and social media are once again to blame for the spread of false news reports, which other media outlets have also shared regarding a public figure,” public relations representative Mayna Nevarez said in a statement.

“The reports circulating regarding Daddy Yankee’s declaration of homosexuality was falsely written by an online outlet known for fabricating false information and spreading it through social media sites.”

Rumours started earlier this week when news outlets picked up a photograph which appeared to be of the Gasolina star kissing another man.

Some sites also reported that Yankee had released a statement confirming that he is gay, however the statement was revealed to be false.

The false statement said: “I am a human being like any other, with virtues and defects, and I don’t believe that this is a defect.”

Weeks ago, rumours started as the rapper said at a press conference that he supported gay people. He said: “I have people on my team who are gay,” he confessed. “I respect them entirely and give them work.”

He went on to say that he supports human rights, but said that it should be the government and religious organisations which decide on who can marry.

Yankee also posted an Albert Einstein quote, in Spanish, alongside Nevarez’s statement. He wrote: “I fear the day when technology overlaps humanity. It will be then that the world will have permanent ensuing generations of idiots.”

Busta Rhymes was accused this week of shouting anti-gay slurs at an employee at a Miami restaurant, reportedly calling a delivery employee a “fag” and the owner a “bitch,” and said he’d “come get [them].”

Rapper turned reggae artist Snoop Lion confirmed this week that he supports equal marriage, and said that he has “no issues with nobody.

A$AP Rocky aslo spoke out about homosexuality in the music industry, and said that “it’s crazy” that it is still an issue.