Denmark: Copenhagen bar apologises after kicking out gay couple for kissing

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A bar in Copenhagen has apologised after ejecting two men for kissing, and one of them, a member of a Danish LGBT youth organisation, reported it as a hate crime.

On 29 March, a bouncer at Cafe Funke made the decision to throw out the two men who had spent the evening talking, drinking and eventually kissing.

One of the men was Christoffer Jakshøj, a member of the Danish LGBT Youth Organisation, who reported the incident to police, after he realised why they were being asked to leave.

“I met a cute guy during the night and we started to talk and dance a bit, before we headed to the bar. We each bought a beer and stayed in the bar chatting. After a bit of talking it turned into kissing, and because of the cosy atmosphere and both of us having had a bit to drink the kissing continued. We only took breaks to smile and talk”, Christoffer said to Homotropolis.

“All in all it was pretty much a great Friday-night-catch. That was until the bouncer approached us and asked us to stop. He informed us that our behaviour was not allowed in the bar, that he would not have it, and that we should go to the gay bar Cosy instead”.

He went on to say that he explained to the doorman that his attitude was not right, and one of the bartenders even spoke up to say that he disagreed with what the bouncer was doing, but the couple were still asked to leave.

“While we waited for the police outside more guests from the bar joined the two guys outside and started asking questions about the incident. Some of them were already aware of what had happened and they were mad. One of them even called the police while the rest were shocked after learning why the guys had been kicked out. The police arrived and questioned me, the guy I had kissed and the other guest that had also reported it to the police”, he continued.

The bouncer was then questioned by the police, and he claimed that the two men had been touching each other inappropriately.

“That is not at all true and is further supported by the fact that it was not that explanation he gave us when expelling us”, Christoffer said, going on to say that they only kissed.

He shared the story on Facebook, and contacted the bar owner to let him know what had happend, and to ask about the bar’s policy on gay customers. He quickly received a response apologising, and inviting him in to receive a face-to-face apology on Monday.

“He was shocked about what had happened and said that that is not at all how he wants the bar to behave. He emphasised that Funke, according to him, had been and should continue to be a place for everybody regardless of skin colour, sexual orientation etc.

Christoffer said he would accept their apology, and was pleased that the manager had said he would go over the bar’s nondiscrimination policy with all staff members.

“After the meeting I will definitely visit ‘Funke’ again in the future and I will not think twice before kissing a nice guy in a straight bar again”, said Christoffer.

A San Francisco bar was recently accused of anti-gay discrimination by two women who claimed they were kicked out after responding to homophobic remarks, and who have since called for a boycott of the bar.

The women were kicked out of Zeitgeist after they responded to “four big straight men” who called them “homophobic names” before they were asked to leave by the bouncers.