Zambia: Lawmakers seek to ban ‘homosexuality’ and ‘lesbianism’ in new constitution

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Lawmakers in Zambia are pushing ahead with plans to further ban same-sex activity in the country’s new constitution, which is currently being drafted.

Same-sex sexual activity is already illegal in Zambia for both males and females.

Those convicted can face up to 14 years’ imprisonment.

Zambia Reports the National Constitution Convention has recommended that “homosexuality” and “lesbianism” should be included in a list of “abominable practices”.

At the same time, Zambian politicians are debating protecting citizens from discrimination on the grounds of “birth, race, sex, origin, colour, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language, pregnancy, health, marital, ethnic, tribal, social or economic status”.

Last week, gay rights activist Paul Kasonkomona was arrested after he spoke out against Zambia’s homophobic laws on live television.

Friends of Mr Kasonkomona tried to hide him in a car, but he was found during a police search before leaving the grounds of the television studio.

He was bailed last Thursday, having pleaded not guilty to being idle and disorderly in a public place.