Anti-gay Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa tweets PinkNews to warn of ‘sodomy’

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A notorious homophobic Ugandan pastor responded to news of a new HIV prevention campaign in England by tweeting “stop sodomy” at PinkNews’ Twitter account.

Martin Ssempa tweet 

Martin Ssempa is well known for his lectures against homosexuality. He went on Uganda television last December and demonstrated with fruit and vegetables how he believes gay men and women have sex.

Ssempa explained that gay sex is wrong because the “anus is for exit only”, demonstrating his opinion with a banana.

In January 2010, Ssempa stunned reporters at a press conference by showing them hardcore gay porn.

The following month, he showed extreme gay porn to his church congregation that included minors.

He also claimed that gay people eat “poo poo”.

Along with his homophobic opinions, Ssempa opposes the use of condoms to prevent HIV transmission, favouring abstinence initiatives instead.

He has enjoyed recognition from Uganda’s First Lady, Janet Museveni, as a special representative of her Task Force on AIDS.

He is a key supporter of Uganda’s proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

The original draft of the anti-gay legislation includes a provision for the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality”, defined as someone with HIV engaging in homosexual acts; sex with a minor or repeated offenses of homosexuality.

In April, Janet Museveni and President Yoweri Museveni both denied the basis of the bill was to persecute gay Ugandans.

US President Obama previously described it as “odious”.