US radio host: If they allow gay members, ‘what will Boy Scout leaders say to Jesus when they meet him?’

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A US Christian radio host has questioned what the “monster” Boy Scouts of America’s leaders will “say to Jesus when the meet him”, if they allow gay members.

Linda Harvey, of Mission America, continued by saying that a “sexual anarchist agenda” is “drawing countless children into sin”, and that “monsters”, on the BSA’s board are fighting against “God-designed heterosexuality”.

The Boy Scouts of America recently announced it would propose to members of its National Council at a meeting in Texas next month lifting the ban on gay youth scouts, but maintaining a ban on gay adult leaders.

Writing in her column for WorldNetDaily, Harvey attacked the BSA’s board for the potential decision, calling it a “sham”, and saying that the decision would damage boys “beliefs about responsible manhood”.

She wrote: “Congratulations on advancing the sexual anarchist agenda and drawing countless numbers of children into sin. What will these leaders say to Jesus when they meet Him?

“It’s a lie. No child’s same-sex attraction should be condoned, but instead, caring adults will guide them toward overcoming these feelings while recognizing a red flag signaling abuse or other disorders,” she continued.

She went on to say that she thought the BSA should stand for “embracing masculinity, not femininity”.

“The ideals of the Scouts are a sham without the recognition that growing into an honorable, mature male means embracing masculinity, not femininity, and eagerly anticipating marriage with a woman and fatherhood in that union.”

Urging the BSA to vote against allowing the proposal to let openly gay boys be members of the Scouts, Harvey claimed that being gay was a choice, that it is not genetic, and that it goes against “Christian doctrine”.

“Who are the monsters on this board who would callously foster and feed the deception that any valid orientation exists except God-designed heterosexuality, and that all else is deviance? Neither Christian doctrine, nor epidemiology, nor social science, nor genetic research supports this fiction. The vote in May should not only say “No” but toss these guys out on their deaf ears,” she wrote.

She went on to attack GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, noting a suggested reading list by the group, and saying that it is “another level of depravity”.

She wrote: “In its reading recommendations, young teens having homosexual sex, sometimes with an adult, were common. And of course, adverse consequences are rare in these stories – no diseases, criminal prosecution of adult predators or emotional trauma. It’s truly a pedophile’s dream, where abused children ‘choose’ to have early sex.”

Again attempting to make a link between paedophilia and homosexuality, Harvey claimed that large numbers of gay scout leaders will sign up, but “conceal” their sexuality, in order to meet “willing boys”, and that the likelihood of sexual abuse would be “extremely high”.

In July 2012, after a two year review, the Boy Scouts of America announced it would retain its ban on gay members, volunteers and staff.

The Boy Scouts of America is currently embroiled in a debate over whether to lift its ban on gay volunteers, members and staff. In February, it delayed a vote on whether or not to lift the ban until May “due to the complexity of the issue”.

A poll released in February found that a majority of US voters thought the Boy Scouts of America should drop its ban on gay scouts, volunteers and staff.

Harvey recently attacked the Girl Scouts of the USA, claiming that it “supports homosexual lifestyles”, and because it “features homosexuals in some of their materials”.

The Christian radio host in December said that same-sex marriage encourages children to have gay sex and that gay people aren’t human and should therefore not be protected under the US constitution. She also claimed that Jesus could be forced to marry another man if he was resurrected.