Actress Margaret Cho says John Travolta is ‘Oscar Wilde gay’ and he would be ‘happier’ out of the closet

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John Travolta is “Oscar Wilde gay” – according to comedian and actress Margaret Cho.

The 44-year-old, who starred with Travolta in the 1997 movie Face/Off, speculated about his sexuality in a series of jokes during a recent comedy performance in Australia.

“I’m going to get in trouble but I’ll just tell you,” she said to the crowd. “He is so gay. John Travolta is so gay.”

“He’s not just gay. He doesn’t just like men. He is like Oscar Wilde gay…like Lord Byron gay,” she told a shocked audience.

“That kind of crazy, incredibly flamboyant gay… I know him well because I did a movie with him and worked with him for a year.”

Claiming the 59-year-old father of three would be “happier” out of the closet she went on to say: “I feel bad for him; because I know he would be much happier if he could just come out,” before adding: “But he can’t.”

Travolta, who has been married to Kelly Preston since 1991, had two sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him last year by male masseurs, both of which were eventually dropped.

In September 2012, pilot Doug Gotterba claimed to have had a secret six year affair with the actor.

A spokesperson for Travolta quickly moved to dismiss the claims made in the National Enquirer.

Travolta has always strongly denied all accusations regarding his sexuality.