Helen Mirren: The music at this gay festival is ‘too loud’

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She kept her word and attended As One in the Park, a gay central London music festival at the weekend, but Dame Helen Mirren appeared to find the music “too loud.”

Onlookers watched as Mirren went to get a drink with her fingers in her ears, mouthing “the music’s too loud” to husband Taylor Hackford.

The star then decided to leave the festival’s VIP area and went outside to hang around Victoria Park instead, having her picture taken with topless fans.

Mirren told the Metro: “It is a bit noisy for me because I’m too old but I’m having a lovely day.”

She appeared at the gay festival to support the Batala London samba band who she had shouted at three weeks ago after they interrupted her performance of ‘The Audience’ in Soho.

Various newspapers and social media reports claimed slight variations on what she said, although Dame Helen admitted to using language that was more in keeping with Prince Philip than with the monarch.

The 68-year-old actress was keen to make humour from the drama afterwards, after being snapped wearing a custom made ‘As One in the Park’ t-shirt.

Explaining her supportive showing in Victoria Park on Sunday she explained: “I said I’d be here and here I am. A Dame always keeps her word.”