Apple bans gay ‘cure’ iPhone app but it remains in Google Play store for Android users

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A Christian app has been banned by Apple for claiming to help users ‘cure’ themselves of homosexuality, it remains available for download by Google Android users.

The app called Setting Captives Free claims: “Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, you do not have a ‘homosexual gene,’ nor were you born this way with no hope of freedom. You can be set free from the bondage of homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ and the cross!”

The app was banned from Apple’s App Store in the past hour. A spokesperson for Google confirmed to PinkNews that the company is investigating the complaints made about the app.

“There is absolutely zero evidence programs like ‘Setting Captives Free’ works,” Andre Banks of AllOut said. “It is so ridiculous that anyone would think an iPhone or Android app could cure someone’s sexual orientation that it is easy to laugh this off, but there are vulnerable people who don’t know better and will try this app and fail to change. We are most concerned about those who will harm themselves as a result of this insane app.”

The organistion ‘Setting Captives Free’ has been in operation for some years.

In 2010, following publicity on PinkNews, Apple agreed to ban a similar app, ‘The Manhattan Declaration”. The app asked users whether they agree with four statements on abortion and same-sex marriage and those who answer that they are pro-choice and pro-gay marriage are told that they are incorrect.

It also had links to read and sign up to the full declaration, which said that gay relationships are “immoral” and that same-sex marriages are equivalent to sanctioning incest.