Lord Hylton tables new wrecking amendment for the equal marriage bill

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Lord Hylton, the peer who accused gay people of stealing the word ‘gay’ from its original meaning, has tabled a new wrecking amendment for the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill.

For page 1 of the bill his amendment states: “leave out ‘Marriage’ and insert ‘Union’”.

In last week’s second reading vote of the bill, Lord Hylton, a crossbench hereditary peer who joined the Upper House in 1968, said: “I regret very much that the fine old English and French word ‘gay’ has, in my lifetime, been appropriated by a small but vocal minority of the population.”

“The result is that it can no longer be used in its original and rather delightful meaning.”

He added: “Now, under the pretext of securing equality, Her Majesty’s Government are proposing to change the meaning of marriage.”

The House of Lords will resume scrutiny and debate of the bill as part of its committee stage on Monday.

Several equal marriage opponents in the Lords including, former Conservative Party chairman Lord Mawhinney and crossbench peer and former chief constable Lord Dear have tabled new amendments urging for greater legal protections for people who believe in “traditional marriage”.

Labour peer Lord Alli believes Lord Dear is still intent on trying to derail the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill – although Lord Dear denies the claims.

Meanwhile, crossbench peer Lord Armstrong has tabled a new amendment governing “Matrimonial marriages”.

Last week, Matthew Sephton, chairman of LGBTory, warned: “Once committee and report stages take place in the Upper House, any number of amendments could potentially be tabled – some helpful and constructive, but some designed solely to try to at least undermine or at most derail this bill.”