US: New Jersey Governor told to ‘step out of the way’ of vote on equal marriage

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A Democratic lawmaker in the US state of New Jersey has called on the state’s Governor to “step out of the way”, and allow Republican legislators to vote on an equal marriage bill.

Senator Barbara Buono made the call whilst gathering with other Democrats outside the home of a lesbian couple, reports the New York Times.

The New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, last week spoke out following the Supreme Court’s strike-down of the Defense of Marriage Act to say that it “was wrong”.

Governor Christie has voiced his opposition to equal marriage, and has more than once said that he thinks the issue should go to referendum, asserting that he would use his veto on an equal marriage bill, if it passed this year.

Senator Buono said the Democrats only need three Republican votes in order to overide Governor Christie’s veto of a bill which passed last year.

Several Republican legislators have already said they would vote to override the Governor’s veto, but that that they fear the repercussions from the party disciplinarian.

“One man in New Jersey stands in the way of marriage equality,” said Buono, a challenger to Christie in the November race for Governor. “The time is now — the time is now for this governor to step out of the way of progress.”

Polls have indicated that around 60% of New Jersey residents support equal marriage, and the Governor has said he would support equal marriage if it was legalised in a referendum.