US: Minnesota police say equal marriage support reason behind third case of church vandalism

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Police in Minneapolis, Minnesota have said they are looking for a man in a wheelchair who has been caught on CCTV throwing eggs at a church, which authorities believe stems from its support of equal marriage.

Surveillance cameras caught the man on Sunday morning at the Pilgrims United Church of Christ. The church is well known in the area for supporting gay rights, and has been targeted multiple times in the past.

“Obviously, we’re looking at a crime of sexual orientation, especially given recent events in our state,” Maple Grove Police Captain Keith Terlinden told CBS Minnesota.

Minnesota became the twelfth US state to allow equal marriage, as Governor Mark Dayton back in May signed a bill into law, allowing same-sex unions.

The state will begin to legally recognise same-sex marriages from 1 August.

As well as throwing eggs, the man allegedly wrote graffiti on the walls of the church, voicing his opinions against equal marriage.

“At this point, it doesn’t appear the person responsible for this damage is someone that’s associated with church,” Captain Terlinden said.

The church has been targeted two other times before, as vandalism appeared twice in June. Police suspect that the same person is responsible for all three incidents.

Police have stepped up efforts in the northwest area of Minneapolis, for fear of more damage when same-sex marriage becomes legal tomorrow.