Canada: Social conservatives attack government over pro-gay stance on Russia

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Social conservatives have launched an attack on Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government after Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird strongly condemned the treatment of gay people in Russia.

The Minister has in recent weeks attacked the Russian Government for anti-gay legislation that the country has passed and said he “hope that decency would prevail” and that “while Canadian athletes would only be there for a few weeks the people of Russia would have to deal with the laws 365 days a year.”

Mr Baird has been extremely critical of the Russian Government and has called on the IOC to get more than a verbal commitment that gay athletes and citizens would be safe in Russia.

His comments have been picked up on by social conservatives groups in Canada including Real Women of Canada who’s President,Gwendolyn Landolt, who said “it is not a Canadian value that homosexuals should usurp religious rights and traditional values.”

The groups have warned Prime Minister Stephen Harper that his party risks losing the support of social conservatives in the country if they continue to speak out against the Russian Government.

Stephen Harper himself has stated that he believes “Canadians expect their government to defend human rights” and has confirmed that his Government shall raise the issue with the Russians.