Alan Carr: ‘I used to hang around hairdressers to find gays’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

TV star Alan Carr says he hung around hairdressers to “find gays” in his native Northampton as a teenager because it was the only way he could locate like-minded friends.

“There was no gay outlet. I ended up hanging around hairdressers to see where they went when they clocked off. Then you’d hear about a ‘poetry evening’ so you’d head off there. It was like being in the Resistance, trying to find gays.”

Carr, 37, whose TV show Chatty Man returns later this month also told the London Evening Standard that celebrity interviews aren’t what they used to be.

“You don’t get those Parkinson ones any more where they say, ‘The man touched me here’ or, ‘I’ve got a drug problem’, so I don’t get people crying. But I might get Rihanna in hysterics or One Direction talking about chlamydia. I mean, I see the old interviews with Bette Davis or Joan Crawford, these characters clawed their way up — what stories. But I am told, ‘You even mention this person’s alcoholism and they are walking off.’ ”