Video: US radio host says ‘the Nazi Party started in a gay bar in Munich’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

US radio host, Bryan Fischer, who once claimed that Russia’s anti-gay laws were “homorealistic,” has recently claimed the Nazi Party was started in a Munich gay bar.

Bryan Fischer, the spokesperson for the conservative American Family Association, went on his radio program to allege that gay people were an integral part of the Nazi Party in Germany.

Right Wing Watch reports Mr Fischer said: “We know the Nazi Party started in a gay bar in Munich.

“As a matter of historical record that most of the SS, the Stormtroopers, that surrounded Hitler, and were his enforcers, that they were homosexual.”

He also said Hitler “couldn’t get straights vicious enough to be his enforcers.”

He added that while gay people are not in the streets beating people up, “everywhere you go, when gay activists gain the upper hand, they are thuggish, totalitarian, and repressive.”

Mr Fischer insisted the LGBT community lacks a “live and let live” philosophy.

He said gay and lesbian people are committed to silencing Christians who support heterosexual marriage.

“Just as the homosexual Stormtroopers for Hitler were to exterminate and eliminate the opposition and beat them into silence that’s what homosexual activists want to do today.”

In previous broadcasts, Mr Fischer has also claimed that “90% of Americans would find homosexual behaviour disgusting if they thought about it” as well as alleging that “gay sex has the same risks as gay drugs.”