US: Pennsylvania school denies trans man student right to run as homecoming king

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A student in the US state of Pennsylvania has been denied the right to run for homecoming king, despite identifying as male.

The Richland School Board did not rule on a request by Kasey Caron on Monday evening, but instead deferred to an earlier decision by school administrators, which was that the 17-year-old senior was not allowed to run for homecoming king, and instead will be placed on the ballot for homecoming queen.

“No formal action is required due to the board agreeing with the previous decision of the administration,” board Solicitor Timothy Leventry said, reading from a statement.

Kathy Caron, Kasey’s mother, said she was extemely disappointed by the board’s action.

Kasey said: “My heart sunk a little.”

“I expected it to be a little more of a discussion rather than flat out telling me they’re going to take their own time,” he said. “I guess I’m going to have to wait.”

The student’s driving licence has been changed to reflect that he identifies as male, but Leventry said that state law dictates that a person born female must have a physician certify gender reassignment to have the state legally recognise the change.

Kathy Caron also read a statement asking the school board to consider three other issues. She asked that Kasey be allowed to wear the same colour cap and gown as male students at graduation, to add gender identity protections to the district’s anti-bullying policy, and to create a gay-straight alliance at the high school.

The school board’s president Michael Bodolosky said the panel would take ht eissues under consideration.

Kathy Carron said friends and family would continue to support her son. She said: “I love my son, and my son is the most awesome… I couldn’t ask for anything better.