Television show Two and a Half Men to introduce bisexual female character this week

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Popular US television programme Two and a Half Men is this week to introduce a new bisexual female character.

The programme, aired on CBS, will this week introduce the role in the form of Charlie Harper’s long lost daughter. Harper was played by Charlie Sheen.

The character, named Jenny, played by Amber Tamblyn, featured on House MD and Joan of Arcadia, will be introduced in the first episode of the 11th season this Thursday. E! has described the character as “sexy and gorgeous, and gay”.

The 21-year-old long lost daughter is said to be similar to Sheen’s old character in many ways, particularly her appreciation for women and alcohol.

“It is very fun to play,” the 30-year-old actress said of the character. “I am shocked at what they get away with on the show. It’s kind of incredible. Just the jokes and the language and the euphemisms for genitalia. There’s a lot of that happening. I think I had more sex in the first episode than I’ve ever had in the 20 years in my career on any film or television. So it’s pretty awesome.”

She said that she was unsure of whether to join the cast at first, but that her agent had talked her round.

Her agent told her, “Well, hang on. It’s a genius role. … She’s very into alcohol and women.”

The character will enter the sitcom after having moved from New York to LA. She will start as a recurring character, and will possibly be made a regular.

E! reports that the producers want to ensure that the character fits in, before committing to making her a permanent cast member.

According to GLAAD’s Network Responsibility Index in 2012, CBS came bottom in the list of major networks, and only 8% of its content contained an LGBT character.

It has been speculated that this move by CBS could improve its presentation of LGBT people, and its relationship with the LGBT community.

Meanwhile ABC show Modern Family, this week featured a same-sex marriage proposal this week after calls for the gay characters to get hitched.