NOW: Anti-gay US televangelist explains why you can’t pray to make limbs grow back

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Adamantly anti-gay televangelist Pat Robertson took to the 700 Club programme on his Christian Broadcast Network, last week to explain why it is not possible to pray to make limbs regrow.

Earlier last week Robertson admitted in an interview that he didn’t understand what the word transgender means, compared trans people to his castrated horse, and called LGBT “insane”, compared to “normal”, straight people.

Robertson of the 700 Club, recently claimed that gay men have been purposely spreading HIV using special rings which cut the hand of strangers they shake hands with.

Openly gay television host Anderson Cooper, since used a segment of his show to criticise Robertson for the story.

Robertson in July spoke against equal marriage during his programme, joking that Facebook should install a “vomit” button to represent his reaction to pictures of gay people kissing.