Televangelist homophobe Pat Robertson desperately prays for an end to the ‘Satanic delusion’ of Joe Biden’s victory

Pat Robertson

Eccentric homophobic televangelist Pat Robertson is desperately praying for Satan to stop convincing people that Joe Biden has won the US election.

Robertson, who believes that America forsaking gay marriage would cure coronavirus, has claimed without a trace of irony that it is others who are “deluded” for accepting Biden’s victory.

He made the comments on his show The 700 Club, which the Disney-ABC channel Freeform is contractually required to air under a legal agreement that stems from the channel’s original ownership by the Christian Broadcasting Network.

“In the name of Jesus, I bind the spirit of delusion that has come across our land,” he cried.

“We will not surrender our nation. We will not give up this great country. And Satan, you cannot have it. In the name of Jesus. And I began to pray, and I believe God has heard. And I’m asking everybody in this audience to pray. It isn’t over yet.”

Pat Robertson thinks Bernie Sanders wants to ‘stop airplanes’.

Pat Robertson went on to describe the strange future he sees as the end result of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “take over”.

“They want to run all the business. They want to run all the industry. They want to redo all the, uh, energy we’ve got. They want to take away your cars. They want to stop people flying airplanes. I mean, it is crazy what they have.

“We cannot allow that. So let us pray. And… what am I hearing? I still think Trump’s gonna ultimately win.”

Unfortunately for Robertson, his prophesies have a habit of falling flat.

In October he foretold that Donald Trump would win the election, and in September he predicted that Black Lives Matter would launch a “lesbian, anti-family, anti-capitalist Marxist revolution,” devastating countless lesbian Marxists when it inevitably didn’t come true.