NOW: Disney reveals first bisexual character in fantasy television series

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A character in hit Disney-ABC series Once Upon A Time, was revealed to be bisexual in a scene of unrequited love on Sunday.

The series is set in the fictional town of Storybrook, Maine, where fairytale characters are robbed of their memories and transported to the real world.

In Sunday’s episode, Quite A Common Fairy, the character Mulan, when offered a place in Robin Hood’s band of merry men, turns him down, saying she needs to find someone “before it’s too late.”

When he asks if it is a “loved one” she needs to speak with, she replies: “We shall see.”

On finding former Sleeping Beauty character Aurora, who offers to fetch her husband Philip, Mulan says there is no need as she wishes to speak with her. She then says she is “finding her courage”, to tell her something.

On announcing that she has news, Aurora tells Mulan that she is pregnant. Mulan instead of declaring her love says she is leaving with Robin Hood.

Walking away, Mulan has tears in her eyes.


Mulan previously had feelings for Aurora’s now husband Philip in season 2 of the hit series. The decision by Disney-ABC to feature her as a bisexual character is being hailed as a positive move by LGBT rights supporters.

Fewer gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender characters are part of the new US TV season compared to last year, LGBT media advocacy group GLAAD last week revealed.

A video of the scene is available to view below.