Video: Joan Rivers defends Alec Baldwin for homophobic rant: ‘Everybody just relax’

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Comedian Joan Rivers has jumped to the defence of Alec Baldwin following the cancellation of his show off the back of a homophobic rant at a reporter.

Alec Baldwin’s talk show Up Late, was cancelled by MSNBC after he was suspended for two weeks after a video emerged in which he appears to be calling a photographer a “cocksucking fag”.

The former 30 Rock star was approached by paparazzi last Thursday where he was caught on camera calling one photographer a “cocksucking fag.” MSNBC then suspended his show. 

Speaking to TMZ hours after the announcement that Baldwin’s show had been cancelled the outspoken television personality said: “Everybody just relax”. Continuing she went on a rant of expletives, targeting gay people, and people of various races.

Although it appears that Ms Rivers was attempting to diffuse the situation through the rant, she has drawn further criticism from those offended by her rant, and Mr Baldwin’s original remarks.

Actor Alec Baldwin today also blamed GLAAD, describing them as “the fundamentalist wing of gay advocacy”, for the decision of MSNBC to cancel his weekly show after he used homophobic language to a photographer.

The video is available to view below. Please note that it contains very strong language which some readers may find offensive