Mother of failed BNP candidate denies son called homosexuality a ‘sick and perverted mental disorder’

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The mother of a former British National Party council candidate in Surrey says her son did not tweet that homosexuality was a “sick, perverted mental disorder” and that Muslims are “smelly”.

Margaret Child, the mother of David Child, has told the Surrey Comet that comments from Twitter account @DaveWPWW were not made by her son.

The Comet reports Twitter user @DaveWPWW – said to stand for White Pride Worldwide – posted several inflammatory messages to its 1,057 followers. It branded homosexuality a “sick, perverted mental disorder” and called Muslims “smelly muzzies”.

On July 18, it tweeted: “I really hate jews, muzzies and niggers”. The account has now been deleted.

Mrs Child said: “David is a vulnerable person with Asperger’s. Someone is out to cause him trouble. He is so upset about all of this.”

Sarah Taylor, a friend of the family, but not a BNP member, said Mr Child was being distressed by “a hate campaign” against him.

She said: “His mum complained to the police. Someone phoned the house pretending to be the police.”

Asked about the tweets, she said they were most likely to be fake accounts: “I have never seen any tweets like that. It is not evidence.

“Most of the time you will find it is lefties behind the fake Twitter accounts.”

David Child is a “soft man, who doesn’t have any hate in him,” a spokesman for the BNP added.

Steve Squire, the party’s London spokesman, also confirmed Mr Child had left the BNP shortly after standing in the Kingston Grove ward by-election last year to join the National Front.

Mr Child failed to get elected, securing just 23 votes.

Mr Squire said: “From what I know of Dave Child there isn’t any hate in him at all.

“He suffers from this illness [Asperger’s] and he isn’t capable of hate or violence.

“He was a member, but said we weren’t a racial national party and he went to the National Front.

“I find it hard to believe he wrote it. He’s a big, soft man. It could be somebody out to get him.

“It seems he’s being attacked from all sides.”