Topless feminist protesters charged with trespassing for gay rights protest

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Two feminist protesters have been charged with trespassing, after demonstrating topless in support of gay rights outside the Russian embassy in Stockholm.

The two members of Femen, a Ukranian human rights protest group, were charged after protesting topless at the Stockholm Russian embassy in August during the city’s gay pride festival.

The pair chanted “gay rights are human rights”, at the embassy compound, which they attempted to break into, and were arrested after police were called to the scene, reports The Local.

Court documents said that the two women “without authorization penetrated and remained at the Russian embassy’s fenced-off enclosure”.

Charges were also made against two members of Femen for an anti-sharia demonstration outside a mosque in Sweden back in June.

Also during pride week, a pedestrian crossing outside the same Russian embassy was painted to rainbow colours, in what is being hailed as a protest against recently introduced anti-gay laws in Russia.