Rapper Dappy warned for using ‘bent’ in Celebrity Big Brother penis conversation

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Producers of Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother have reprimanded N-Dubz rapper Dappy for using the homophobic slur “bent”.

He made the remark in a conversation with model Jasmine Waltz who asked the rapper whether he had ever sucked on his own penis.

In response, Dappy said: “Do I look bent?”

Following the comment, Dappy was called to the Diary Room and was told that his language went against Celebrity Big Brother rules.

Dappy became the second contestant on Celebrity Big Brother to be reprimanded by Channel 5 producers for making homophobic comments.

This week, producers have also faced calls for Evander Holyfield to be ejected from the house, after he stated on Sunday that being gay “ain’t normal”, adding that it was “a choice” which “could be fixed”.

Yesterday, broadcast regulator Ofcom confirmed it was “currently assessing” the comments, following several complaints from viewers.

Today, Holyfield’s son Ewin defended his father’s comments saying: “My dad is the most loving and caring person you will ever meet. He treats everyone like a human being… even if they are homosexual.”