Former US Navy chaplain: Gay soldiers ruin the military by ‘taking breaks to change their diapers’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A former US Navy chaplain has made the ridiculous claim that gay soldiers cause problems in the military by “taking breaks on the combat field to change diapers” because their “treacherous sin” means they “lose control of their bowels.”

The disgraced former chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt made the claims in a video posted by Right Wing Watch. During the tirade, he also linked homosexuality and paedophilia, and suggested that both are “government-forced”, and will lead to the “crumbling” of civilisation.

He quoted a retired chaplain, praising him for speaking out against the “sin” of homosexuality.

The quote said that “homosexuality is a combat divider” because gay soldiers were “taking breaks on the combat field to change diapers all because their treacherous sin causes them to lose control of their bowels.”

Gordon Klingenschmitt was honourably but involuntarily discharged as a Navy Chaplain after being reprimanded and fined $3,000 for disobeying an order not to wear his uniform to a protest.

The video is available to view below: