British trans woman back in UK, after detention in men’s jail in Canada

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A British trans woman who was detained in a men’s jail in Canada after a visa violation has arrived back in the UK.

Stand-up comedian Avery Edison overstayed her previous visa, and when trying to re-enter Canada, was detained in a men’s jail.

She live tweeted her experience on Tuesday, reporting that customs officials were using male pronouns, despite her having a valid female passport, and flip-flopped several times on which gender detention facility to send her to.

According to her girlfriend RahRah Templeton, she was detained overnight in Maplehurst Men’s Prison, but after internet outrage and legal help, was transferred to a women’s facility.

RahRah also reported that Edison was kept in solitary confinement ‘for her own safety’ during her detention.

At a hearing yesterday it was ruled Edison should be ‘allowed to leave’ Canada, and arrived back in London this morning.

She tweeted: “I am in Gatwick arrivals in London. I’m home.”

“Customs was fine on this side, totally normal. Am absolutely exhausted, excited to get back to my room, rest, and then talk. A lot.”

A bill to amend Canada’s Human Rights Act to boost protection for trans people, submitted by Canadian NDP politician Randall Garrison, is currently passing through parliament.