South Africa: Court hears alleged killers of gay night club owner used crystal meth

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Three men accused of killing a gay night club owner took crystal meth, a South African court heard on Tuesday.

Bruno Bronn, 50, owned the Bronx club in Cape Town. He was found strangled in February 2012 with his hands tied with tape.

The Western Cape High Court heard testimony today from a witness who claimed the suspects frequented her flat where crystal meth, known as ‘tik’ in South Africa, was used.

John Frederick Coetzer, Fareez Allie and Achmat Toffa have all pleaded not guilty to murdering Bronn.

Eyewitness News reports that Monica Isaacs told the court Toffa, who she referred to as “boy”, had previously stayed in a room at her flat.

She recalled how Toffa, Coetzer and Allie once had a heated argument in the bathroom at her home.

Ms Isaacs also testified that Coetzer asked her to sell a laptop allegedly belonging to Bronn.

The witness said Toffa and his friends often took drugs such as crystal meth at the flat.

Elsewhere in the hearing, Judge John Hlophe reprimanded Coetzer for misbehaving in court.

Coetzer kept shooting glances at his lawyer behind him, smiling and giggling.

The trial continues.