Disney’s ‘Frozen’ accused of pushing secret ‘homosexual agenda’ on ‘innocent children’

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A Mormon blogger has taken aim at Disney’s latest smash-hit children’s film ‘Frozen’, to accuse it of containing a “homosexual agenda”.

Kathryn Skaggs, owner of the ‘Well behaved Mormon woman’ blog, writes a lengthy post accusing the Disney hit of attempting to “indoctrinate” children with a “gay agenda to normalise children”.

She begins with a warning – that the best in the movie business have been brought on board to push the “homosexual agenda”, as well as mainstream media through a video of young girls singing hit song “Let it Go”, on YouTube.

Suggesting that the song, and the decision to publish the video, somehow pushes the “gay agenda” onto the “innocent child”, Skaggs condemns the below video.

Skaggs goes on to write that the talent recruited for the film meant family audiences could be induced into “a frozen-state, which would then allow liberalism to indoctrinate children.”

She then suggests that the “agenda” is hidden behind a smokescreen of perceived “good”.

“To Christian parents, who don’t support the legalization of SSM, or the normalization of same-sex sexual behavior, oppositional to God, I feel strongly that we must become more aware of how liberal media advocate these messages. It is often accomplished through infiltrating mainstream channels with the specific attitudes and ideologies necessary to advance these practices, as progressive, within mainstream society.”

Admitting that she has seen the film three times, she writes: “I could blatantly see that the homosexual agenda, to normalize the practice, was not simply an underlying message in the movie Frozen, but is the actual story.”

“The process of normalizing homosexual behavior in society is going to require more than the liberal media saying it is so – which they do all the time – or activist judges legalizing same-sex marriage in one state after another. It’s going to require the indoctrination of our children, in order to lead their generation to the next, necessary, level of mainstream social acceptance.”

Going on, Skaggs suggests a boycott of the film, and subsequently of any broadway production which comes out of it.

She then claims she is “not anti-gay nor am I here to judge homosexuals not worthy of their rightful and respectful place among society. However, I draw the line at the idea of redefining traditional marriage to include homosexual relationships, as equal.”


The Church of the Latter Day Saints recently changed its position on gay people, tolerating them as long as they remain abstinent from sex. It does not accept or recognise the marriage of same-sex couples.

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